You'll never want to take pills again.

Gummies are the way to go. Here's why.

Our trusted medical team

We gathered the best and the brightest - meet the GIMMY Advisors.

As a dedicated pharmacist she is very up to date about innovations in vitamins and supplements. As a strong believer in gummy supplements and their effectiveness, she helps us out with formulations and product validation.

She makes sure that all GIMMY formulations meet the highest quality standards.

Justine Vindevogel

Jo Parmentier (DCP) is a world-renowned osteopath who strongly believes in preventative healthcare, using physical treatment and exercising in combination with 100% natural supplements and vitamins.

Jo Parmentier was Europeans frontrunner of osteopathy and is current Vice-Principal at The International Academy of Osteopathy.

Jo Parmentier

Amber is a stellar Quality Engineer with a background in drug development (MSc.). GIMMY's recipes wouldn't be the same without Amber's extensive knowledge.

Together with Amber, GIMMY is continuously developing new product concepts.

Amber Lesage